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Carpet Care Tips

Vacuum, vacuum, vacuum..... 
Dry soils are abrasive and damaging. Over time, they abrade the fibers causing them to look dull and lifeless. Soils accelerate the damaging wear we all know as traffic lanes. Regular daily vacuuming helps arrest this damage BEFORE it happens, extending the life of your carpet and making the most of your investment.

Clean Spills when they happen
Get spills when they happen! Many carpets are stain resistant so acting quickly often avoids permanent damage. Don't use hard surface cleaners. Try tap water first. Wet dry vacs are indispensable. Use over the counter spotters sparingly as improper use or overuse of these products may cause damage or lead to stubborn resoiling problems. Not sure what to do? Call our office first.

Blot DON'T scrub!
Always remember, if you have a spill, BLOT it up with a clean white towel. Don't panic. Be gentle. Don't scrub it, don't rub it, don't be too aggressive or you'll end up with a permanent and obnoxiously visible fuzzy spot.


Mom always used a door mat...
...and, you should too. Outside, doormats help knock dirt off your shoes before you enter your home. Inside, doormats and runners help catch soils, preventing them form entering your carpet. Just be sure to keep these mats and runners clean.

Bare feet aren't as clean as you think.
Believe it or not, body oils from your feet can actually leave your carpet dirty. Rather than walking around with bare feet or in socks you may want to use a pair of house slippers.

Keep food and drinks in the kitchen. 
One way to cut accidental spills in half is to simply keep food and drink out of reach of your carpet.

Break the pattern...
Rearrange the furniture. The repeated foot traffic getting to and from your favorite place to sit causes those ugly, matted traffic lanes. So, three or four times a year, why not just move things around? It's a great way to break up your use patterns and spread the wear around more evenly. You'll see a difference in the long run.

They all look the same to me. 
A great carpet starts with a great fiber. For longevity, cleaning and comfort, nylon can't be beat. It's virtually unanimous among carpet cleaners; nylon will outperform olefin and polyester every time. Choose the best nylon carpet your budget will allow.

And last but not least...
Don't forget to maintain your carpet. Read your warranty, manufacturers recommend professional cleaning once or twice a year. Depending on your busy lifestyle, even that may not be enough. Vacuum, spot clean as necessary and monitor the overall condition of your carpet. The time to clean it is BEFORE you're too embarrassed to have company for dinner. Embarrassing levels of soiling actually contribute to permanent damage. With proper maintenance, you will enjoy your carpet longer.

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